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Why Elyon Bible Institute ?
Elyon Bible Institute is accredited with Quality Council For Trades and Occupations (QCTO) as a Skills Development Provider. Accreditation number is QCTOSDP01190918-1808. QCTO is a wing of the government to ensure that institutions of learning are delivering quality training and are adhering by the laws that govern learning within South Africa. As an accredited Skills Development Provider, certificates or Diplomas offered here, are credit-bearing certificates and one can further one’s trainings with other institutions of higher learning such as Universities, because one will be credited for the work done by us as accredited Provider of quality learning.  

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Our courses
We Unite People With Interest

Essentials and characteristics of religious practitioners

Basic Christian concepts (Systematic Theology)

History of the church and an overview of a variety of Christian traditions

Principles of preaching (Homiletics)

Spiritual formation, life skills training and value system development

The missional calling of the Church of preaching (Homiletics)

Church administration, accountability and financial management

The Bible and Bible interpretation (Hermeneutics)

Christian ethics

Principles of building the faith community (church)

Principles of conducting services (Church Liturgy)

Principles of pastoral Counselling in a Christian context

Principles of church leadership and ministry management

what you need to know

EBI does not offer distance learning and/or correspondence as of now. We, however, are working on the issue of distance learning because there are many prospective students (who have seen and heard our former students preaching) who want to come to this institution for learning.

Distance learning

As of now, students attend in Polokwane campus on Mondays-Wednesdays evening. We currently do not offer satellite classes outside Polokwane city.


Currently, EBI does not offer accommodation to students within its premises. The student may, however, be assisted with contacts of those who offer such services within Polokwane city and its surrounding areas.

Why people go to bible college ?

The mushrooming of churches came with an increased demand that the body of Christ never had before. God had stirred up the hearts of many of his servants that some of them founded churches far before they could even be trained in Theology and Ministry. They lead big churches and are followed by many people. Many of these church leaders (and other serving Christian workers within the church) have no qualifications and basic training. Yet they passionately render great services to the Lord even if they do not have needed skills and knowledge. In addition to that, there are other service workers within the body of Christ who are also keen to serve the Lord. These are Sunday school teachers (commonly called Children Ministry Teachers), youth pastors, women ministry leaders, assistant pastors and elders. There are yet many other Christians who are exceeding thirsty for the knowledge of God’s Word with no intention to pastor or serve as preachers. This Institution was founded with the sole aim of meeting such needs so that people may have knowledge in matters that pertain to the Creator and the service of Him who calls His servants to serve in His Vineyard

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